Affordable Natural Gas for Homes & Businesses

Save money while keeping the environment clean with natural gas. Blackstone Gas Co., located in Blackstone, Massachusetts, provides natural gas for homes and businesses throughout the area. We help customers keep their energy costs low while maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

We provide natural gas service to the towns of Blackstone and South Bellingham, MA. and part of Wrentham, MA.

If you live in these towns, and would like to know if natural gas is available for your home or business, contact us at 508-883-9516 or by email.

For Safety’s Sake – call DIG SAFE before you dig. Dig Safe is a system required by law that allows excavators to notify the appropriate utilities with one call. Contact Dig Safe at 888-344-7233 or at

Fuel Assistance

If you receive fuel assistance benefits, you are automatically eligible to be billed on our discounted gas rate. You will be billed on this rate as long as you are eligible for fuel assistance. To apply for fuel assistance benefits, please contact Southern Middlesex Community Action (S.M.O.C.). They will certify that you meet the income guidelines of the program and then notify Blackstone Gas Company if you are eligible. You must renew your fuel assistance program eligibility each year with your Community Action Agency.

Note: If you are currently receiving fuel assistance benefits, you do not need to complete this application to receive the discount rate.

To reach S.M.O.C., call 1-800-286-6776 or at

Low Income Gas Rate

If you receive certain public assistance benefits and are a residential Blackstone Gas Company customer, you may qualify for the discounted Low Income Gas Rate. You are eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  • A Blackstone Gas Company account is in your name.
  • You currently receive one of the following benefits
    • TAFDC
    • Food Stamps
    • SSI
    • EAEDC
    • Medicaid/Mass. Health
    • Or any other means-tested public benefit program

This Low Income Gas Rate provides a discount of approximately 20% off natural gas service rates. And it will not affect any other public assistance benefits your receive.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of natural gas for homes and businesses.