Special Protections

In Massachusetts, if everyone living in your home is 65 years old or older OR if the only other resident of your home under the age of 65 is a minor, you are eligible for special protection from the termination of your natural gas service as a result of an arrears on your account.

There are other protections as well. Your natural gas service cannot be shut off, or will be restored, if you provide certification to Liberty that you are unable to pay any overdue bill because of financial hardship, and:

  • Someone living in your home is seriously ill; or
  • A child under 12 months old lives in your home; or
  • Between November 15th and March 15th natural gas is used as your primary heating fuel and your service was not shut off for non-payment before November 15th.

It is the customer’s responsibility to contact Liberty to apply for protected status. Contact Customer Care at (508) 883-9516 for more information on how to apply.